Canary Directory – what’s it all about?

Well, when I started to run property events back in September 2018 the idea was to fill a gap in the market which was to bring experienced property people together in an informal environment. This was the start of Canary Connections, property networking done differently. Selfishly, I wanted to meet more property developers with whom, […]

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Elevating property values with a strategic design approach

In the competitive world of real estate development, the key to success lies in a multifaceted approach that not only ensures immediate financial returns but also cultivates a sustainable, long-term brand reputation. As the market continues to evolve, property developers should stay ahead of the curve, integrating innovative strategies that not only maximize ROI but […]

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A Guide to Development Finance

‘Real estate finance’ is a general term which encompasses a range of transactions where a lender or group of lenders provide a loan to assist a borrower with: 1. Acquiring commercial property for the borrower’s own use, either directly or indirectly.2. Generating funds for the borrower’s business purposes, such as expansion, by creating a rental […]

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Biodiversity Net Gain: How Might it Affect Your Latest Development Proposal?

Key Information Biodiversity Net Gain is an approach to development that leaves biodiversity in a measurably better state than before the development took place.  The Environment Act mandates that natural habitats for wildlife must be left in a measurably better state than they were in pre-development.  To make this possible as of November 2023, all […]

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How to Choose the Perfect Architect for Your Project

Undertaking a construction project is an exciting endeavour, and when investors are involved, the stakes become even higher.  One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is selecting the right architect, while also aligning with the expectations of your investors.  An architect is not just a professional; they are your collaborator, your guide, and your […]

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7 Perspectives on Property Mortgages: Interest-Only vs. Capital Repayment

Here are some of my thoughts, philosophy and opinions on mortgages – it is certainly not financial advice.  As I have lots of thoughts, I have spit them up into 7 smaller, bite-size chunks. Most investors use interest only mortgages because everybody else is – without really understanding the implications or why they are doing […]

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Heated Exchange: My conversation with The Underfloor Megastore

Can you introduce yourselves and provide a brief overview of your professional background and experience in the property industry? My name is Rob and with me is my business partner, Jordan.  I studied construction management at college and ventured into site management straight after college at the age of 18. Working for large developers in […]

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BRR: Top tips to maximise your refinance valuation

If you are looking at keeping a property investment long-term then you’ll likely have bought and renovated it and will be looking to recoup some of that money once the house is finished.  You can refinance onto a new mortgage as long as you have added sufficient value to the house, but what do you […]

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Supercharging Sales and Marketing: Insights from The New Homes Consultancy

Canary Homes recently sat down with Ian Crawt, Director of The New Homes Consultancy to find out what exactly a new homes consultant does and how they interact with a standard estate agency.  Here’s our conversation… Ian, can you provide a brief overview of your professional background and experience in the real estate industry? I […]

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Why I’m not investing in your development…

As an angel investor I get presented with a lot of investment opportunities.  Even if the potential returns are attractive and I’m comfortable with the developer and their track record I still end up turning some of these deals down. The scheme might stack up beautifully on paper, however I don’t want to be stuck […]

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