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Whether you need an architect or planning consultant, a finance broker or a contractor, Canary Directory helps you find a trusted professional from within the Canary Connections community.

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Canary Directory – what’s it all about?

Well, when I started to run property events back in September 2018 the idea was to fill a gap in the market which was to bring experienced property people together in an informal environment. This was the start of Canary Connections, property networking done differently. Selfishly, I wanted to meet more property developers with whom, […]

road network at night
Tips & Tricks

Transport Planning Consultants: When to Call One

If you need one, you need one, but when is that? For many planners, architects and developers, the involvement of a transport consultant won’t be a new concept.  But if it’s your first time working on a larger site, or it poses unique challenges, you might be unsure if it’s time to call in some […]

topographical survey
Tips & Tricks

Decoding Topo Surveys: 5 Key Benefits

In the realm of land development, construction, and urban planning, understanding the lay of the land is paramount.  Enter Topographical Surveys – a crucial tool in the lives of engineers, architects, and developers alike.  These surveys provide a detailed and accurate representation of the terrain, offering invaluable insights that shape project decisions and outcomes.  At […]

Tips & Tricks

Part E Sound Tests Demystified: 10 Things You Should Know

Sound insulation is a crucial aspect of building design and compliance, and Part E of the Building Regulations outlines the requirements to ensure that buildings meet sound insulation standards. For developers, it’s essential to understand these requirements to avoid costly delays and ensure successful sound tests. Here are 10 things you should know to pass […]


Mikala O'Connor

Canary Directory is a great way for me to connect with potential clients and work with a range of property experts on their websites and marketing.

Suzanne Tate

We have made some great connections and will be following up this week. Joseph and I had a lot of fun. We are really grateful to be a part of your community.

Claire McDonald

I think it’s a brilliant forum, and such a relaxed atmosphere that it makes it really easy to share and to meet new people.

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