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How not to run out of investor finance!

As a property developer, managing multiple tasks simultaneously is a part of daily life. It can be difficult to keep your focus on tasks that may seem less important (until they become urgent!), such as ensuring you never run out of investors’ money.  Despite its importance, many developers get their priorities wrong.  As a result, […]

Tips & Tricks

Five Tips for Getting Planning Permission on Small Sites

While small sites are not always small and can be up to 40 homes, getting planning permission for a development on a small site is no easier than for a large one. To help make things easier, we’ve put together five essential tips to help you secure planning permission for your proposals.  Whether you’re looking […]

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Tips & Tricks

My top 10 networking tips

Does the idea of networking fill you with dread? Perhaps you’re just a bit rusty after the pandemic and you need a nudge to get back out there?  Or maybe you’re a seasoned networker who loves to get out and about pressing the flesh! Whichever camp you fall into, I’ve pulled together my top 10 […]

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Never sell naked!

I bet that got your attention!  When I say ‘naked’ I really mean ‘empty’. Did you know that empty rooms appear smaller to the naked eye (there’s that word again!)? So, developers and landlords, if you want to sell your completed properties faster and for more money you need to get dressed! There are so […]

Tips & Tricks

Are you still marketing your business using PDF brochures? Well think again…

Having a distributable portfolio is crucial for people in property who want to secure funding for their next project.  From my discussions with property investors and developers, most leverage a digital portfolio in PDF format. PDF does the job…but there’s a much better solution with less frustration, more engagement and potentially more funding opportunities. First […]

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Tips & Tricks

Do you know the real value of affordable housing?

Do you know the real value of affordable housing? Central and local government are always tinkering with the affordable housing sector and they love to introduce new tenures.  Whilst the different tenures may sound similar, in reality they can have markedly different values. Did you know that for the last 20+ years I’ve had a […]

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Tips & Tricks

Why It Pays to Use an Architect for Your Building Project

A building project can be an exciting endeavour, but it can also be stressful and complicated, especially if you’re not sure what to expect along the way. If you’re ready to embark on a building project of your own, there are plenty of reasons why you should seek out an architect to help with your […]

Party Wall Act
Tips & Tricks

Top 3 things to consider when building near a party wall

As cities become more densely populated and land values increase, refurbishments and developments often need to extend to the boundary to maximise their value.  If your development is located in close proximity to a party wall, or looks to utilise an existing party wall for support, there are three critical items that will need careful […]

Tips & Tricks

Do I need an interior designer?

  Have you ever thought about hiring a designer for your project and not been sure whether you really need one, or how much value they would actually add compared to the investment? If any of the below sound familiar…it might be time to add one to your power team! You have a limited budget […]


Canary Directory – what’s it all about?

Well, when I started to run property events back in September 2018 the idea was to fill a gap in the market which was to bring experienced property people together in an informal environment. This was the start of Canary Connections, property networking done differently. Selfishly, I wanted to meet more property developers with whom, […]


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