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Transport Planning Consultants: When to Call One

If you need one, you need one, but when is that? For many planners, architects and developers, the involvement of a transport consultant won’t be a new concept.  But if it’s your first time working on a larger site, or it poses unique challenges, you might be unsure if it’s time to call in some […]

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Decoding Topo Surveys: 5 Key Benefits

In the realm of land development, construction, and urban planning, understanding the lay of the land is paramount.  Enter Topographical Surveys – a crucial tool in the lives of engineers, architects, and developers alike.  These surveys provide a detailed and accurate representation of the terrain, offering invaluable insights that shape project decisions and outcomes.  At […]

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Part E Sound Tests Demystified: 10 Things You Should Know

Sound insulation is a crucial aspect of building design and compliance, and Part E of the Building Regulations outlines the requirements to ensure that buildings meet sound insulation standards. For developers, it’s essential to understand these requirements to avoid costly delays and ensure successful sound tests. Here are 10 things you should know to pass […]

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Commercial to resi – Class MA Permitted Development Rights

Commercial, Business and Service to Residential Conversion: Class MA Permitted Development Rights With current market trends, office space may present leasing challenges, however, with an increasing need for housing, converting office spaces into residential units offers a viable solution. At Singh Fudge Architects we are seeing an increase in Class MA prior approval conversions in […]

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Listed Building Consent and the Postcode Lottery

Smith Jenkins’ thoughts on the Government’s review of energy efficiency and historic homes Following the early Christmas present from the Government, which left us heritage professionals with little to get excited about, we were rewarded with a late gift in the form of the Energy Efficiency Review (EER) which was published on 3 January. The […]

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Building an Investment Portfolio Deck – Numbers First, Design Later

How to Build a Results-Focused Investment Portfolio to Attract Finance First and foremost, the usual reason we create any portfolio is to get funding for that next property project. The task however can seem daunting when starting from scratch. In my time designing investment portfolios, I’ve noticed people in property really appreciate guidelines around: A: […]

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Navigating the business bank account maze

As accountants, we get asked about this topic a lot – and there are some key things to consider. The recent events (July 2023) of Nigel Farage being closed by Coutts and Reverend Richard Fothergill being closed by Yorkshire Building Society have highlighted this issue even more! Personally, I have had one international bank close […]

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Elevating property values with a strategic design approach

In the competitive world of real estate development, the key to success lies in a multifaceted approach that not only ensures immediate financial returns but also cultivates a sustainable, long-term brand reputation. As the market continues to evolve, property developers should stay ahead of the curve, integrating innovative strategies that not only maximize ROI but […]

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