Over the years we have enjoyed offering our clients, business development coaching, growth planning, BD & sales process implementation, and we have exciting news to share with you, that we have also expanded into health and well-being coaching, and we will be offering, 1-1 sessions or group work for our creative and corporate clients.

Last year we became affiliated with the British Institute of Interior Design and more recently we have been accredited by the HCA and joined Association for Coaching to expand our coaching services.

Over the years we have found that many Directors and CEO’s have contacted us to consult on a short-term basis to implement their growth, strategy, or change management plans and for business coaching.

The latest MCA figures show that consulting activity is expected to grow by 9% this year and 11% growth in 2025, showing a continued strong performance in comparison with the rest of the economy.

The reasons for this demand are because growth strategy and management consultants can help with growth, product development and transformation plans. In addition, a consultant can bring invaluable outside experience and a new perspective, helping companies approach strategic work with fresh eyes and expertise and tackle specific challenges.

Making the decision to hire and work with a consultant comes with many considerations. It’s important to do your groundwork and ensure your decision makes sense and has concrete benefits for your business.

When you should consider hiring a strategic management consultant, and how to start the process?

Businesses typically hire consultants when they need specific expertise, for example, during product innovation, transformation, and expansion. However, there are many different reasons to consider hiring growth strategy and management consultants.

Gain access to relevant expertise and specialist skills
Consultants are often seasoned experts in their respective fields. They might have rare and incredibly well-developed skill set or expertise in a very specialised area. Because of this, consultants can bring knowledge and ability to the table that nobody in your team can match.  In these cases, it makes sense to temporarily hire a growth strategy or management consultant than to expect your existing teams to tackle the same problems.

Identify problems team members are too close to
The old saying “You can’t see the wood for the trees” applies very often in the business world. Teams who have been working on the same problem for months often get too close to the issues they’re dealing with, unable to see possibilities and solutions that might be obvious to outsiders.  A growth strategy consultant, can provide a fresh pair of eyes, identifying new courses of action and helping break frustrating plateaus and roadblocks. This unique perspective combined with expertise makes consultants well-placed to make out-of-the-box suggestions. Growth strategy consultants are also trained specifically in analytical and problem-solving frameworks, a toolkit that allows them to approach challenges and structures solutions effectively.

Consider your budget
On the surface, consultants seem more expensive than your in-house staff.  Although their hourly rate might be higher, they often are a very sound investment.  This is because you work with them on an as needed basis to address a specific issue or challenge.  Your investment is aimed at moving forward in that one area.

Bring valuable objectivity and critical thinking
Consultants are free from the internal distraction, loyalties, and office politics that can cause so many problems within in-house teams.  They are less likely to censor themselves or allow their feelings to cloud their better judgment.  Being outside a long-standing social circle can give distance and allow difficult adjustments or decisions to be made.

Access people outside your geographical area
It is now possible to hire consultants remotely and no longer limited to talent within commuting distance.  Consultants are extremely valuable when supplementing skills gaps in teams. A good consultant can come in, share recommendations, and work within your existing team structure to build in-house capabilities.  A well-placed consultant is a facilitator and enabler, bringing functional expertise to the project while ensuring ownership rests with the team.

You can afford it
Consultants are usually investment consideration, especially good ones with highly specialised expertise and a long track record of delivering results.  It’s important to assess your budget and decide whether it makes financial sense in terms of the rewards.  What exactly is your consultant contracted to deliver?  Get clear on the project scope in advance and consider taking a flexible approach by hiring one consultant or a project team – allowing you to extend projects if additional requirements arise.

Want to reach the next level?

If your team is struggling to break past a plateau and grow the company to the next level, it may be time to consider our help. Consultants have the skills and experience to push your organisation to the next level, something your in-house team may lack the ability to do.

If you are interested in having a conversation with me, I will be in Cannes at the MIPIM festival 11-14th March 2024 and would be available to arrange a meet up or we can look to book an initial discovery call at a time that suits you.

Polly Burn – FounderPolly Burn Consulting


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