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If you need one, you need one, but when is that?

For many planners, architects and developers, the involvement of a transport consultant won’t be a new concept.  But if it’s your first time working on a larger site, or it poses unique challenges, you might be unsure if it’s time to call in some help.  

Here’s a quick reference guide:

– The planning authority has deemed your application invalid without a Transport Statement or Assessment.

– Highways have reviewed your application (perhaps at the pre-application advice stage) and require more or specific information.

– The site is tricky or controversial from a transport perspective, and you think that a consultant could help present your scheme more favourably or solve a difficult access problem.

Support from a transport consultant typically includes one or more of the following:

– Access Appraisal/Advice: Guidance on selecting or locating access points and ensuring they meet local/national requirements.  This advice can be informal during the design process or a formal standalone document, perhaps to inform your Client’s land purchase.  Early engagement is advisable to avoid costly redesigns.

  – Transport Statement (TS) or Transport Assessment (TA): These are required for planning applications based on the scale and impact of the proposed development.  A TS is generally needed for smaller developments, such as residential project 10-49 dwellings or commercial developments with a gross floor area of 500-1,000 square metres, assessing the modest impact on the local transport network.  It includes details on access, parking, and anticipated traffic generation.  In contrast, a TA is for larger developments with significant transport implications, providing a comprehensive analysis of potential effects on the transport network, including traffic flow, public transport, and mitigation measures.  Note that thresholds can vary across the UK, and sometimes even a single dwelling conversion might require a TS.

 – Travel Plan: A long-term management strategy for promoting sustainable transport options and reducing reliance on private car use.  It typically accompanies a TA for larger developments or can be required independently for developments with significant transport impacts.  Often, a Travel Plan is required by planning condition if not provided with the application.

Transport consultants are generally a friendly bunch of professionals, and will usually be happy to discuss a challenging site before any formal engagement is entered into.  

Fastnet Transport Planning prides itself on being very approachable.  We are readily available for an informal discussion to assist developers/planners/architects with their proposals, over the phone or a coffee. We do not charge for initial consultations, and we can often add value to a scheme from the very early stages of engagement. Feel free to call.

Jon Parry – Director

Fastnet Transport Planning

07529 204 168


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