Have you ever thought about hiring a designer for your project and not been sure whether you really need one, or how much value they would actually add compared to the investment? If any of the below sound familiar…it might be time to add one to your power team!

You have a limited budget

Seems counter-intuitive, no? Spending money to save money? But actually a good interior designer will help you stick to a limited budget, and even save you money through industry contacts and devise creative solutions to maximise the money you have, whilst still giving a premium feel.

It’s just not clicking

You’ve searched social media for hours, scoured the internet (/ the aisles of *insert favourite home shop here*) and put together your best attempt at a mood board. In theory, you should be ready to tackle your project—but perhaps something just doesn’t feel right and the decisions are suddenly all a little overwhelming. Being too close to a project can often be exhausting and sometimes it takes an experienced outside eye to see the wood for the trees…

You’ve got it wrong before

We’ve heard it many times, the stories of ordering without seeing a finish first, not being happy with a product when it eventually turns up at the door, or a piece of furniture not fitting the space. Doing things yourself means taking on a lot of risk, and there’s no guarantee that it will come out the way you anticipated, which means additional time, money and hassle to put things right. If you’ve not got time and money to waste, it’s worth getting in a professional to get it right first time.

You need help with concepts

In a fiercely competitive market, homes that speak directly to their ideal buyers will be the first off the shelves and it can be tricky to know where to even start! It’s not all just finishes and shopping, an interior designer will help you plan and shape the experience of your space to suit your target market, including bespoke ideas that set you apart from any direct competition.

You struggle to visualise

It’s one thing knowing what you like…visualising it all coming together is a whole different ballgame. A full service interior design company will offer 2D visuals and 3D renderings as part of their services, so you can see the designs come to life. These designers will refine your vision as well as giving a new perspective and as a result, will produce interiors and homes that are highly marketable and desirable!

Conveying your brand is a top priority

Whatever industry you’re in, brand is what convinces people to buy, so if you want to make a mark on the property industry it’s no different. Whether it’s updating a current brand look and feel or establishing a new brand on the market, a professional designer will help guide you to make the best choices.

By Roost 


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